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Clean Water Project – Biosand Filters

Dr. Judy Fisher in Haiti with the newly Certified Water Filter Technicians - May 06

Ten BioSand Filters water filters were sent to Haiti in 2002. These bio-sand filters require no electricity. Clean water is a necessity and not a luxury. Many die from diseases contacted from dirty drinking water, while others suffer gastrointestinal disorders. This is especially hard on young children!

Good News! A Miracle!

After researching the internet for an affordable water filter technology, I discovered CAWST – The Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology located in Canada. This wonderful group funded a training program for us in Haiti, and on May 15, 11 Haitians will learn water sanitation technology and will learn how to build and maintain BioSand water filters. They will become certified trainers in Haiti and will be able to hold community meetings to educate communities about water sanitation. Many lives will be saved as a result of this project!!

The training will be held in St. Marc at the CAWST Center from May 15-19, 2006.

This filters have housing made of concrete and are almost maintenance free! No electricity or energy of any kind is needed. Water is simply poured into the unit and the dirty water filters through 3 layers of sand which removes the pollutants, parasites, etc.

Donations are needed to purchase manufacturing kits ($400-$500 each). These kits contain everything needed to start a small manufacturing plant so that these filters can be produced locally in the villages at about $30US each (depending on the cost of cement).

MOM will be able to subsidize the water filters for the poorest of the poor with your financial support.

Update – March 2008. To date 12 technicians were trained and certified on May 19, 2006.! Two technicians from Fond Verrette received their certification in August of 2007 and they need funding to support the filter project in the mountains.

The filter project in Anse-a-veau has been moved to Dupuy, about 20 minutes down the road from Anse-a-veau.

The new location is by the sea and provides sand (free) that can be used in the filter media. The area is larger and flat and has secure block buildings in which to store the filters, making it more suitable for the manufacturing of the filters. It is being headed by Pastor Romane, one of the certified technicians trained in May 2006.

Congratulations to the New Certified Technicians

Here’s the group (I’m in the blue/white caftan) at the completion of the training! O, Happy Day!! 8 men and 2 women ready to do battle for clean water!

Dr. Judy Fisher in Haiti with the newly Certified Water Filter Technicians - May 06


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