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Isle of Boman – The Plight of Poor Fishermen and their Families Living on an Island of Sea Shells in the Midst of the Sea

The Island of Boman
Off the shore of the fishing village of Petite Riviere De Nippes, Haiti lives over 200 destitute Haitian fishermen and their families on a little isle made of sea shells and that has a solar powered lighthouse. There’s no running water, no sanitation system, no school, no church, no clinics no communication, no refrigeration or safety from a storm, no modern boats…just dug-out canoes from logs. There’s no vegetation, no grass, no trees…just the sea, sun and the threat of annihilation from a fierce storm.
There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,….nothing.

But MOM offers hope through a fishing village initiative that will bring the families back to safety on the mainline. We are searching for grants and partnerships with churches, fraternities, sororities…anyone willing to donate and to help us to jumpstart the process of developing a viable fishing industry for economic development.

As we develop our economic development plans in partnerships with several universities with whom we have partnered, updates and progress reports will be posted. Recently, our program manager in Haiti has initiated a test in which a small order of fish will be purchased from a vendor in Port-au-Prince and the order will be tracked all the way from its catch to the capital to determine just how feasible the development of the industry will be. An evaluation will be made of all of the obstacles encountered and their solutions.

It is a big job, but we believe we can make a difference, especially if you will help us with your tax deductible donations to MOM. (PayPal major credit cards at www.haitipoverty.com, www.mercyoutreachministry.org, and www.fishersworld.com/mom

Sit back and watch this heart-wrenching video of fishermen and their families locked in abstract poverty and isolation in the middle of the sea. I dare you to put yourself into their shoes just for a moment and to imagine being on that little seashell island with a heavy storm looming on the horizon. Go ahead…visualilze it. Will you ignore the gut-wrenching fear that you feel in your heart? Please care. Please pray for these families. Please help MOM to rescue them!

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