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Welcome to Our New Blog – Haiti Arising!

Hello world!  Welcome to our new blog…HAITI RISING!  Our previous WordPress blog (www.haitipoverty.com) has been changedEds_Photo2 to reflect the successful implementation of our projects in Haiti!  The Haitipoverty blog was started in 2009 to bring MOM’s activities to the world.
We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and we are asking for your commitment and support to help us to help communities in Haiti to RISE to self sufficiency and to throw off the yoke of dependency.

Haitians are a wonderful, energetic, creative and innovative people who desire to work and to support themselves.  Unfortunately, too many organizations have not designed programs and projects to assist them in becoming independent of charity.I have found the Haitians in the rural areas eager to learn and to invest sweat equity.

So, hold on and come fly with us as we now begin a new era of economic development projects on STEROIDS.   I will be able to upload more information on our latest projects and their success asI receive the photos and reports from Haiti.  Please check out my new posts on mom-haitirising. org in the meantime.