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Petite Rivere De Nippes – Economic Development on Steroids!

The New Dairy Project in De Nippes!  New Dairy Project

MOM has purchased 12 cows to initiate a brand new dairy project in De Nippes, Haiti.  MOM discovered this  new little dairy site in June while  leading a group of students and professors from Howard University School of Architecture and the University of Illinois, Urbana Campus, during a Summer Study Studio Program in collaboration with the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture with a grant from the Fetzer Foundation.  Thanks to our interpreter, Mr. Ronald Joanuel, a community activist and economic development specialist, the dairy was brought to the attention of the group when he asked Prof. Bradford Grant, the Howard University professor, if  the bus driver could stop at the site.Side of Dairy

I was in awe of this beautiful little building sitting silently all alone.  It was explained that it was built by  the Haitian government some 5 years earlier, but was short of the money needed to purchase the cows .  I remember going around the back of that building and weeping at the thought that the community had been denied of their proposed livelihood for five years!   The dairy was built to help them and it belongs to the community!  MOM is helping them to develop it and to make it economically viable and sustainable with their sweat equity!  The diary is only a small part of the equation in our quest for food security and sustainability.  The livestock, the pasturage both play a huge part in the development of food security for the community.

See our bus in the background?  This is a photo of the side of the dairy building.Dairyexterior

I prayed right there and asked God “for this mountain”.  Talking about faith….I tell you it was by faith and faith alone because our coffers were empty!   So  we have a year to raise $18,000 for this economic development project that includes completing the cyber cafe project, (replacing stolen IT equipment by a former manager) upgrading the bakery site with sanitary facilities, and the initiation of a turkey and chicken project. De Nippes is seemingly on Steroids and the projects are moving along exceedingly well.

On Christmas Eve, the 10 families that  are part of the Dairy Project gathered to celebrate the opening of the  Project. Pastor Ronald Joanuel initiated this event and food and goodies were served to the  150 in attendance.  Included was a local judge who came to educate the group about MOM and the economic development project.  He made sure that they understood that the animals did not belong to them, and that MOM had invested in the animals  and was allowing them to raise them for milk production and to breed them for increase.  These farmers are glad to be able to raise the cows to make an income from milk production and breeding.  The arrangement worked out by  Mr. Joanuel was readily accepted by the farmers with joy!bottles inside dairy 512


Empty bottles waiting to be used for five years!

Side of Dairy

 Side of Diary. See our bus in the  background??








Dairy farmers praying at their meeting!  Thanking God for answering their prayers so that they could work and feed their families!cows in market place 3

cows in market place 6








The market place where the cows  were purchased.  They had to be transported from the market place back to De Nippes.  Not a very pleasant job, but a happy occasion for the awaiting dairy farmers!cows in market place 2


Keep an eye on this post for more details and photos in the future.  We want to keep you informed of our progress.

Please help us to raise the funds to repay the loan within the next 11 months,  We can do it with your help.  Donations can be made  right here through PayPal!  Thank you for your help!  When each of our four major projects are running at capacity, it is estimated that over 1000 families will benefit from employment in the market place and self-employment!!











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