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Donate to Haiti Empowerment Projects

Click on the Donate button to help our cause in Haiti

We need your support to continue to bring needed sustainable projects to rural communities. Unemployment plagues the communities in rural areas. Yet, there are lands to be tilled, animal production is needed, agricultural projects are needed that can provide food and jobs for the unskilled while providing dignity for them as they are able to feed their families. Projects that demand their labor that translates in money for them are easily understood. They know that if they produce more, they will benefit accordingly.MOM has only been able to provide these sustainable jobs by making loans because we felt that we could not wait until all of the resources that we needed were donated.  The people and especially the children suffer each day that we “wait” to get the money.  Writing grants and responding to RFP’s are not always successful.  There is a Haitian proverb that says “behind every mountain there is a mountain”.  Do we know about that  saying!!

But we have withstood the tests, the trials, the treachery, the storms, the hurricanes,   impounded goods in customs, stolen IT property, dragging the culprit through the criminal court and even after winning our case only to have him disappear with critical IT equipment and property  But in spite of all of that diabolical turmoil, MOM has come out smiling and victorious with  new initiatives that has created jobs, and opportunities in De Nippes, especially with our successfully managed commercial Solar bakeries that are running as if they are on steroids, a cybercafe, the institution of our dairy project with 20 cows (we have ordered 20 and at least 16 will be available by New Years hopefully. The families are waiting anxiously and have all met in prayers to this end.

We have a poultry project ready to go.  When we have completed the implementation of these projects, MOM would have touched the lives of over 1,000 families acaccordingo                         our manager who is  an extraordinary economic development specialist!  Pastor Ronald Joanuel has masterminded five (5) major projects that will  bring measurable results to the De Nippes area were we are concentrating at this moment.

Will you care enough to help?

You can donate online through PayPal or you may mail  your donation to:

Mercy Outreach Ministry

Attn: Haiti Rising

11705 Bishop’s Content

Mitchellville, MD 20721

Click on the Donate button to help our cause in Haiti. Thank you for sharing and caring.  Please tell your friends about   us.  We would appreciate receiving suggestions and information for unique fundraisers, etc.  that do not required  a lot of “up front ” money.  Thanks a million for your support and your prayers for the continual empowerment of the Haitian people.

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